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Did you know that Crawford Outdoor has put on cooking classes with our dealers in their stores? This gives the dealers opportunities to enhance their sales and consumers the opportunity to learn about the brands they offer. Keep reading for insights on what we’ve done.


There have been over 17 cooking classes so far in KS, OK, MO, ND, and CO and they average about 35 attendees per class. These classes were created to help dealers sell more in their store. Not only do we put on the cooking classes, but we also train store employees as the food is prepped so they have insights as well. Featuring products that we offer to our dealers is always top of mind for us. Holiday cooking classes are a huge hit, as well as Taste of Traeger featuring everything Traeger!

The Experience:

Our motto is no one leaves hungry from one of our cooking classes! Not only do we have amazing chefs leading our classes but we always have extras to give to our audience at the end of class. The last few giveaways have consisted of prepared meat to take home and cook yourselves! There’s nothing like the comfort of your kitchen to try something new!

For most classes there will also be some type of crafted smoked cocktail! (Cheers!) We’ve created a smoked bloody mary, a margarita or even lemonade! The opportunities are endless.

The Food:

We live in the philosophy of anything can be grilled! In one of our last cooking classes that was themed around Traeger Grills - we featured Reverse Seared Tri-Tip,  Spatchcock Chicken and a smoked Tito’s Lemonade. (YUM)! Putting meat on the grill is always a great thing, but what about smoked cheese and pretzels? They are a delicious snack while everything else is being prepared.

These cooking classes are designed to help broaden the rules of grilling and give dealers and customers the chance to think outside of the box when it comes to cooking.

Cooking Tips:

We have a few tips for when customers prepare at home.

  • The first would be to use disposable cutting boards and butcher paper. After hours of grilling the last thing on your mind is how long clean up is going to take! Make things easy - those can be thrown away after use!
  • Our second tip is don’t rely on time to determine when the meat should be checked or if it is “done” or not - use temperature! The temperature will ensure you have juicy delicious meat every time. Preparation is important! So don’t forget to trim your meats.
  • If your customers ever have questions our team hosting the cooking class is more than happy to answer them.

Crawford Outdoor enjoys coming up with new ideas for our dealers! These cooking classes really enhance the dealers relationships with their customers, help with techniques, and create an unforgettably delicious experience.

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