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Having trouble merchandising your Traeger Grill display in your store? We have a few pro tips to merchandise your grills, products and accessories properly. There are several Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to setting up your store for success. Continue reading for helpful advice on merchandising your Traeger Grills.

General Standards & Guidelines:

Product Assortment & Brand Consolidation

Giving the consumer the best buying experience is incredibly important when merchandising Traeger Grills and products in your store! Always keeping products stocked creates a good buying experience because consumers will feel like there are several options to choose from. Seasonal accessories should be relevant, for example, if it’s summer - remove the insulation blanket. Avoid spreading out products - keeping all Traeger items together will create a uniform brand experience!

Pricing & Promotions

Rule of thumb - never cover the Traeger logo! Consumers won’t resonate with the brand if they aren’t sure what they are looking at. Taping signage on the grill isn’t premium - we suggest placing signage in a sign holder showing the promotion or information regarding the product.


Merchandising and keeping products stocked are essential when it comes to retail - but it’s also equally as important to keep your products clean! Picture yourself as a consumer walking in to purchase a premium grill and it’s covered in dust? That doesn’t create a great buying experience. Make sure the space is clean, products are dusted, there isn’t knocked over signage, and inventory is stocked.

Common Errors & Solutions:

Buried Grills

Creating a clean, concise space to merchandise your Traeger Grills will allow the consumers to explore the product and everything it has to offer! If the grill is covered in spices or boxes those objects are obstructing the consumers’ experience with the brand. A solution to this would be a Traeger accessory fixture in order to organize the additional products. You could also dedicate some shelf space nearby to alleviate the clutter.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sometimes, less is more! Cluttered displays filled with excess products and signage overload could lead consumers to believe that the product is discounted - Traeger Grills are a high ticket item and you want to make sure you are attracting the right consumers. Some solutions for this would be to remove signage clutter by taking off duplicate magnets, cutting back on props, and removing products from the grill grate.

Competitor Products

Keep the brands consistent! Never put a competitor's product directly on display with your Traeger Grill products. For example, only place Traeger Grill Wood Pellets with Traeger Grills. Consumers are more likely to be brand loyal and will spend more on brands they value.

Don’t have Traeger Grills in your store? Get Traeger to your customers and start using these guidelines today! Contact us today to discuss.

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