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Product Recommendations for Stores this Summer!

Sure, it’s March, but we’re already getting excited for summer time! Summer brings warm weather, good times, and the opportunity for more outdoor activities. Woo-hoo!

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get new products into your store for customers to get excited about. Our Crawford store experts have some recommendations on products, social media, and more! Read on to check it out.

Traeger Grills

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This should be a given. From Traeger’s incredible wood pellet grills and accessories, to their delicious sauces and spices, there is something for every storefront.

Traeger Timberline

Traeger’s biggest and most advanced grill they make. You’re going to want to check these grills out.

Traeger Pro

The most recognizable Traeger grill is their Pro Series. Customers will love seeing the Traeger they know and want to bring one home with them!

Traeger Pellets

In order to cook the best foods, you must have the best pellets. Traeger hardwood pellets come in a variety of blends including Hickory, Texas Beef, Apple, Pecan, and more!


Anything Traeger you need, we can help get it in your store.




Summer backyard grillers rejoice! These fun and new ovens are perfect for any spring or summer grilling occasion.

Uuni 3 Oven

The Uuni 3 is the staple oven Uuni has to offer. The oven can reach over 900 degrees in just 10 minutes, and will cook an incredible pizza in 60 seconds. These “hot” ovens are sure to be a success in your store.

Uuni Accessories

With every great oven, comes a wonderful set of accessories. Uuni has a multitude of accessories for ovens including covers, pizza peels, thermometers and more!


Crawford Outdoor is your source for Uuni pizza ovens and more!

Kosmos Q


One of our newest brands we carry, Kosmos Q makes exceptional sauces, spices, marinades and more. We’re talking competition level stuff!

BBQ Sauce

You like sweet? Or are you more of a savory person? Whatever your taste is, Kosmos Q has the right BBQ sauces for your stores.

BBQ Rubs

Everyone’s spice rack could always get a little spicier… Kosmos Q BBQ spices come in a wide range of flavors, including honey, Texas beef, sriracha, pecan, and more.

Wing Dust

Wing dust? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Very fine wing seasoning, or dust, that makes eating wings just as flavorful as sauce, but without the mess! Customers will love this new way to eat their favorite wings.


Contact us about bringing Kosmos Q into your store!

Bison Coolers


Cold drinks, good times. Bison Coolers are made in the USA and are made to keep your favorite drinks cold, or hot!

Bison Tumbler

These premium drinkware products make sure no drink goes cold or hot when you’re out and about. These products come in a variety of colors and styles, and can really add some personality in spots of the store.

Bison Ice Chest

Every outdoor experience needs a heavy duty, quality ice chest to go along. Bison coolers are made in the USA, so you can be confident customers are getting their hands on a product they can trust.

Bison Accessories

Take your Bison game up to another level with custom ice chest stickers, hats, trays, and other useful items.


We can help you get Bison Coolers into your store before warm weather comes.

Other Tips


Utilize social media for getting the word out about new product offerings

This is a fantastic way to connect with your community, and an effective way for notifying your audience of new product offerings. Make the posts exciting, and encourage customers to visit the store!


Upgrade your storefront for summer

Freshening up your storefront with new, exciting products is a great way to entice customers. Make sure you know the first thing customers are going to lay their eyes on. Do you want them to see the new Traeger Grill first? How about a great selection of coolers and ice chests? Create an experience that’s going to “wow” your customers!

Okay, do you feel a little better about getting your store into shape for the spring and summer rush? Crawford Outdoor’s mission is to help stores get the products and resources they need to succeed. Contact one of our team members to reach out about any of the above products, or anything else on your mind!

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