Grill Wizard Brush


Clean your grill in no time with the Grill Wizard Grill Brush. A replaceable mesh scouring pad keeps the grate of your grill shining without bending or gumming up the way brass bristles do. The long 15-inch handle gives you plenty of leverage and is heat resistant, so you can clean all the way to the back of the grill safely and easily. Or remove the handle for those tough spots that need a little more elbow grease. Scouring pads are safe for all metal surfaces.

Replacement Scrubbers 2-pack


Replacing your scrubbies often makes cleaning your BBQ Grill a snap. These heavy-duty scrubbers quickly and easily scrub away grill build-up from even the dirtiest barbecue grills. Baked on grease and charcoal scrub off easily. No need for dangerous, toxic and corrosive chemical cleaners.