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5 Ways To Prepare for the Holidays

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The holidays will be here before we know it, meaning we need to begin preparing our stores for the busiest time in retail. Customers will be starting to think about cooking that amazing Thanksgiving dinner and some will even get a head start on Christmas shopping. Are you ready for that? Stores need to be in tip-top shape for this time of year and dealers need to be taking an extra few steps to better prepare for the holidays and busy retail season. Read below for the best 5 ways to prepare for the holidays and increase your sales.

#1: Set Up A Traeger Display In Your Store

We recommend setting up a specific area in your store dedicated to just Traeger products. Almost in a pop-up-shop fashion, you can condense all of your Traeger spices, rubs, sauces, pellets, accessories and even grills by placing them together and as close as possible. Hang a Traeger Grills banner and go the extra mile by bringing in outdoorsy decorations-- like real log pieces-- to set up the scene. Another idea is to dec out a Traeger Grill with available accessories, because once customers see it displayed this way, they will want it exactly that way. All in all, this will create an ultimate shopping experience for your customers and they will be able to shop for all Traeger goodies in one place.

#2: Put Together Gift Baskets to Give Customers Holiday Shopping Inspiration

It’s hard shopping for our friends and family during the holidays and creating that perfect gift he or she will love. That is why we are recommending to our dealers to put together a few gift baskets in-store to give their customers holiday shopping inspiration when they come in. For instance, simply put together a couple sauces and a rub, with maybe the addition of a recipe card so the gift-receiver has an idea on what to make. These ideas on what to give will be much appreciated and decrease the stress that comes with holiday shopping. Using Traeger recipes to get your customers excited is super easy - click here to view some of their delicious recipes.

#3: Make A Holiday Giveaway In-Store and On Facebook

Everyone loves a giveaway that they have the chance of winning! Not only will this encourage potential customers to buy something from your store, but they will also become more involved or active on your Facebook page. For an in-store giveaway, you could put together a large basket filled with popular Traeger items and even some of their limited, special order only goods like the Christmas sweater and beanie. Then, create a giveaway, he or she can be entered into the drawing to win the holiday basket. For the giveaway on Facebook, ask your page fans to post photos on the wall of their Thanksgiving turkey, cooking on their Traeger grill, to be entered into a giveaway to win the holiday basket. This will greatly increase your page’s engagement and get your customers sharing their personal experiences with Traeger.

#4: Increase Activity On Your Social Media Platforms

There is no better way than reaching your target audience of customers than social media, specifically Facebook! This is a great way to not only amplify your brand/ company awareness, but also advertise the items you are selling in your store. It is important to increase your activity on social media, especially when amping up for the holiday season, and an easy way to do that is by taking advantage of your product lines’ social media-- because they already do a great job! Simply share what they post 1-2 times a week to your own page or post recipes linked to Traeger’s website and specific recipe page. By increasing your activity on social media and the more you post, the more you will stay in front of target customers!

#5: Host a Cooking Class and In-Store Demonstration

Become involved in your Crawford Outdoor community and host an in-store demonstration of the goodies you sell. By having an in-store cooking class, your customers can learn how to perfect their Thanksgiving turkey before the big day. Classes can run from 30 minutes to even 4 hours depending on what you want to do, and what you think your customers want to learn to make. Utilize Traeger’s recipes, and put their seasonings and sauces to good use in front of all, showing just how much they can do with these amazing items. Everyone can even offer up their best tips and tricks when smoking or grilling, as this will increase customers’ confidence!

Do you want to become a Crawford Outdoor dealer before the holiday season? Because, you can! Reach out to us here and let’s get started!

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