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How to Beat the February Sales Slump


Can you believe it’s almost 2019? We’re already looking ahead to the first quarter of next year and want to help our dealers focus on how to increase their sales in order to beat the February sales slump! By that point, the holidays have passed and winter will be starting to wane and the initial hints of spring will be in the air. Check out the following tips to help you beat the February sales slump.


3 Ways to Beat the February Sales Slump


1. Early spring sales: Once the wave of holiday sales has subsided, a great way to increase your sales and beat the February sales slump is to create and early spring sale. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but once winter is finally here your shoppers will soon be yearning for spring. Encourage them to think about sunny days and weekends enjoyed grilling outside with spring incentives!

2. Traeger is always smoking: Traeger is always a top seller and our line of Traeger products is unparalleled. Traeger’s iconic wood-fired grills and bbq accessories as well as their rubs & shakes, and sauces & marinades are great assets and sure to be winners for your store! Traeger also offers several incredible recipes that can be used to excite your customers about the endless possibilities they can create with their Traeger grill!

3. Bundle up: What are your best sellers? Alternatively, what are your worst sellers? Try packaging your more popular products with some of your idle inventory and try including those bundles in your sales incentives to your shoppers. You’ll be grilling two birds - wait, that’s not how it goes - but maybe it should...either way, you know what we mean!


Most importantly, have fun motivating your team to create exciting and enticing store displays, and get creative with your sales incentives for your shoppers. Your excitement is contagious to team members and shoppers alike. We here at Crawford Outdoor are always excited and eager to help you with your merchandising in order to help beat the February sales slump and sell, sell, sell! If you are not yet a Crawford Outdoor dealer and would like to be, contact us today!


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