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Get Your Stores Ready for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and it’s time to get your store organized and pristine for the summer season before the heat is on. Display your stores with must-have products to amp up the sunny, outdoor vibe. This year summer will start on June 21st, and customers will be ready to shop for their outdoor needs. Read below on how to prepare your stores for the upcoming season.

Storefront Displays:


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Create a summer layout that will appeal to the customer's eyes and help increase sales. Add seasonal items at the front of the store, including Traeger grills, Bison coolers, Kanyon Living outdoor furniture, and summer essentials for backyard barbecues, summer holidays, and events. Make the displays vibrant and fun for customers to get the most out of their shopping experience. You want customers to notice the difference of seasons when they walk in, so they get the summer feeling from your displays.


Plan and look into products that will grab the attention of your customers and maximize your sales. Restock your summer inventory with products shoppers are raving about for the new season including items they will want to invest in for their endless summer get-togethers. The Bison coolers are a must-have, and they will be the highlight of any outdoor fun under the sun. Your customers will love how durable they are, and the ice-retention is about a week, saving time and money on ice.

Remember to restock smaller items, including barbecue accessories that will enhance the best outdoor cooking experience. Organize your shelves efficiently for shoppers to find and reach. Keep seasonal items at the front of the store and make sure customers can navigate and locate items quickly.

Team Motivation:



Get your team ready for the season by planning and making sure they are in the know about the latest summer products. Create a fun work environment for getting your store prepared for the summer ahead.

At Crawford Outdoor, we are here to help with your merchandise needs, so they are visually displayed to enhance the summer feeling and maximize your sales. If you are not a Crawford dealer but want to learn how to be, contact us to learn more.

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