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Getting Your Stores Ready For Fall


We know it’s still summer but it’s the best time to get your store ready for fall! Shoppers look to begin shopping for fall items in late August and early September! The season officially begins September 22nd this year and we want to help you prepare! Read more to learn how to prep your store!

Clean Storefront:

The best way to impress consumers when they first walk in is a clean storefront. Spend the extra time to make sure all displays are not covered in dust and are exceptionally sparkly! Walking up to a dirty storefront is displeasing to any eye - make sure that even outside your doors are swept and clean.

Festive Merchandise:

It’ll be a noticeable change when your consumers enter your store with all of the fall colors present. Make sure that your displays are bright and festive! New fall products are going to be your focal point for front displays. Customers will be excited to see the new fall product lines as they start thinking about cooler weather and fun fall activities. !

Full Displays:

The least appealing thing that your consumers definitely do not want to see is no products on display! Half empty or lack-luster displays will turn off the buyer and deter them from exploring the merchandise. It’s also important to not leave too much empty space on the floor. Your store will look empty as if there isn’t enough for you to sell.

Motivate your team and create a fun merchandising night where you work together to put new products out on display! Here at Crawford Outdoor we are happy to help merchandise your products so they are displayed to sell! If you aren’t a Crawford Outdoor dealer and want to be - reach out to us here!

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