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Perfect Outdoor Living & Grilling Pairs: Crawford Products That Are Made To Go Together

Crawford Outdoor is proud to offer only the top-of-the-line products to our dealers to supply your stores. We know your customers deserve the best in the industry! These pairs go hand-in-hand and your customers will especially love using these Crawford Outdoor products.

Check out some of our favorite product pairs to go hand-in-hand at your next store event or sale!

Traeger Grills & BBQ Hack Griddle

Traeger Grills have led to a revolution of barbecue and introduced the world to wood-fired cooking. We know these lines of grills have been essential for your customers’ grill game from meats to vegetables, and even to baked goods. Traeger Grills is a fan favorite, with features like WiFIRE® Technology, Pro D2® Controller and Advanced Grilling Logic®. 

But how does a grill master take it one step further? With the BBQ Hack Griddle! This product is the perfect outdoor living-and-grilling pairing to a Traeger Grill. It transforms pellet grills into a flat top cooking surface. What is not to love about being able to cook just about anything and everything with these two products? The sky's the limit! It’s plain to see that a BBQ Hack Griddle is a must-have for a Traeger Grill owner. 

Ooni Pizza Oven & Kosmos Q BBQ sauces

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Encourage your customers to embrace a culinary lifestyle! Easy, creative meals are possible with the Ooni Pizza oven and Kosmos Q BBQ sauces. Each of the Ooni Pizza ovens makes it easy for your customers to bring the pizzeria right to their backyard, instead of ordering out! Why not suggest your customers get creative, then, with Kosmos Q BBQ sauces. They can try a pulled-pork pizza with the Peach Habanero BBQ Sauce, or try a classic BBQ chicken pizza with the Competition BBQ Sauce- yum! Keep these fun BBQ Sauces near your Ooni Pizza ovens - the possibilities are endless!

Kanyon Living Adirondack Rocking Chair & Flame Genie 


Cooler temperatures don’t have to mean goodbye to outdoor living! High-quality furniture and accessories can create the perfect outdoor living space for the fall season. Flame Genie’s wood pellet fire pits ensure long burn times, no smoke and easy cleanup. Your customers can create a trendy, comfortable outdoor space by simply placing Kanyon Living chairs around Flame Genie. These two make the perfect outdoor living pair!


FireDisc Original 36” Cooker & Bad Byron’s Butt Rub


Outdoor enthusiasts want to cook on the go, but sacrificing quality or taste is not an option. We get that! Enter the amazing FireDisc Original 36” Cooker and Bad Byron’s Butt Rub. Customers will love the FireDisc for its ability to survive those winter camping trips and tailgates while offering superior grilling. But how to season the tailgate essentials? Bad Byron’s Butt Rub for steaks, chicken or pork is used by champion barbecuers. It won’t take much for your customers to realize the two together are one of the greatest grilling pairs!

Now that we’ve told you about these Crawford products that were made to go together, it’s time to start spreading the word to your customers about these must-have duos. These perfect pairs are not just wonderful compliments to one another but will keep your customers coming back time and time again thanks to your suggestions on how to improve their outdoor living and grilling. Are you interested in carrying these products (and more!) in your store? Contact us to find out more information or to become a dealer.

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