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New Praise and Excitement for Ooni Koda!

Ooni, one of our top brands and designer of exceptional outdoor pizza ovens is seeing a lot of excitement for their newest line of outdoor products!
We already know that Wired loves Ooni Pro. We already know that Wired loves the new Ooni Koda.  But in their new article '6 Best Pizza Ovens for Every Budget' Ooni Pro was crowned BEST PIZZA OVEN!! and Ooni Koda was named BEST PIZZA OVEN for BEGINNERS! 
Ooni Koda has also received rave reviews on & GQ Magazine!! We are so proud and excited to see our partner recognized by a wide range of publications and industry professionals.   
Earlier in the year, the Ooni team attended HPBExpo in Dallas, Texas, and were awarded a VESTA Award for Innovation in Design & Technology for Ooni Koda!!
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"Achievements and official recognition like this inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries, to keep working hard and to keep putting out even more awesome products for our wonderful users (both new and experienced) to enjoy. 
At Ooni we care about what we do and how we do it - not just putting out new products for the sake of it.  The praise and prizes our products receive reflects this!"
- Ooni Product Team
You can't go wrong with exceptionally designed products that give you Summer pizza hand-fired at home. Looking for these award winning products in your store? Connect with a Crawford Rep today! 
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