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Five Quick Tips for Selling Well During the Winter

Selling Well During Winter

As retail companies in all industries deal with the onset of winter, many outdoor product dealers wonder how to maintain certain sales quotas, especially in areas that are getting snow and ice. While it can be challenging to sell grills and barbecue accessories during the cold season, there are a number of things that you can do to keep your consumers interested in your product selection.

Here are Five Quick Tips for Selling Well During the Winter:

1. Spruce Up Your Displays with POP Marketing

Point of purchase (or "POP") marketing is a type of in-store advertising designed to highlight specific products and/or accessories from the vendor. Attractive, eye-catching POP marketing can help keep your outdoor products top of mind for customers, even during the cold wintry months. For instance, setting up one or two demo products next to your catalog of outdoor items, along with colorful banners, may grab the attention of many shoppers.

2. Promote Grill Covers

If the consumer already owns a grill, then he or she may very well need to purchase a cover to keep it insulated during winter. Grill covers keep grills protected from the elements during the harsher winter weather, ensuring that customers won't have to quickly replace a one or two-year-old grill. 


Grill covers can be an easy sell during the cold season. Don't overlook these important accessories; instead, place season-specific marketing materials in high-visibility spots throughout your store. In addition, advertise promotions and discounts that have a deadline, such as 10% off all grill covers within a week-long period. Doing so will make your consumers think about their own outdoor product needs, and will likely lead to better sales. 

Selling Well during Winter

3. Implement In-Store Product Demos

The power of visual (and olfactory) demonstration should not be underestimated. Whet your customers' appetites by implementing in-store demonstrations of your featured grills and BBQ smokers. When you involve the consumer's senses in the decision-making process, an "impulse purchase" is often the eventual result.


4. Focus Advertisements on Favorable Outside Conditions

Even if your region gets hit with cold temperatures and snow, are there still warm days in December? If you gear some of your advertisements towards taking advantage of those flashes of warm weather by cooking out, then you may induce some consumers to buy a new grill or smoker during the winter. After all, the cold season is often the time for family reunions and other festive events, and when the weather is right, there's nothing quite like an afternoon spent grilling out with friends and family.

Selling Well During Winter

5. Educate Consumers on Grill & Accessory Storage

This tip may or may not lead to immediate results, but it will definitely help to establish your company as an expert in outdoor products and living. Many customers may not be familiar with the best practices for the grill and/or accessory storage, so setting up an informational display may add real value to their experience. In the long term, this could be a very cost-effective way to enhance your brand's reputation, and drive sales as winter transitions into spring and summer.


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If you sell outdoor products at your store(s), then implementing these tips can help you to maintain respectable sales levels, even in the dead of winter. 


If you are a Crawford dealer, check out our product lines for ideas about how to maximize your sales. Or, if you are not currently a partner with Crawford, see what other dealers have to say about us, or reach out to us directly to explore the many benefits of becoming one.

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