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Top Outdoor Products For Your Vacation Home And Resort Spaces

Choosing the right products to outfit your resort or vacation home's outdoor space improves the aesthetic and functionality of your property. Spending the minimum amount of money does little good if your products are unattractive and need to be replaced frequently, but there are plenty of top products available that can last a lifetime. From tables and chairs to grills and fire pits, Crawford Outdoor has everything you need to add the perfect finishing touches to your resort or vacation home.  

Choose Quality Furniture To Withstand Busy Summers And Winter Weather

Outdoor products perfect for vacation rentals or resorts

Resort owners know that not just any piece of outdoor furniture is built to last for years of heavy use and harsh winter weather. Kanyon Furniture is made of poly, not wood or plastic, which increases its durability and appearance. While furniture made of cheaper materials often fades, warps, or breaks after a couple of seasons of heavy traffic and the elements, each of Kanyon's pieces is built to last and comes with a 20-year warranty. Instead of spending the bare minimum on furniture for your resort or vacation home with the intent to replace worn-out items every few years, opt for beautiful, high-quality tables and chairs that will look their best and function well for many times longer. 

Similarly, be sure to choose pillows, cushions, and umbrellas that are specifically made to withstand the elements. Fabrics that are designed for being outdoors last longer without fading, tearing, or absorbing too much water without drying properly. These items complement poly furniture nicely, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns that can be chosen to perfectly match your resort's branding or Airbnb color scheme. 


Traeger Grills Offer Dependability And Extra Features

Outdoor products perfect for vacation rentals or resorts

Nothing says summer like a cookout with family, friends, or coworkers, and providing high-quality grills, outdoor kitchens, and other cooking equipment can make your resort appeal to a wider variety of guests. Traeger grills offer the versatility, consistency, and ease of use that both experienced cooks and amateur grillers can benefit from. The Pro Series 780 Pellet Grill even includes WiFi technology, which instantly provides hundreds of recipes, controls cooking temperature, and offers other digital benefits to make grilling easier and more fun than ever. Check out some top additions to your grill master recipes with brands like Mr. Bevis Spice Rubs and Hardcore Carnivore

While some cheaper grills only work well during the summer months, Traeger grills maintain their efficiency throughout the winter to help provide quality food for your guests year-round.  

Add A Cozy Touch To Your Resort With A Flame Genie Fire Pit


The Flame Genie fire pit, which is a perfect choice for coastal towns in temperate climates, lets your guests spend cozy evenings relaxing by the fire. Even summer evenings can get chilly, and providing a warm fire for your guests allows them to enjoy everything spending time outdoors at your resort has to offer on cooler nights. Providing quality fire pits can help resort owners and Airbnb hosts extend their outdoor seasons by increasing options that guests can enjoy in a variety of temperatures. The Flame Genie is an innovative design that offers warmth and a modern aesthetic without taking up too much space on the patio, backyard, or beach of your property.  

At Crawford Outdoor, we prioritize selecting the highest-quality outdoor products available to help resort, hotel, Airbnb, and vacation home owners get the best value for their outdoor purchases. We partner with dealers to narrow down the hundreds of outdoor product brands on the market to beautiful pieces made from durable materials that are built to last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about the quality products and top-notch service we offer that can help give any resort or vacation home a competitive advantage!

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