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The Best Summer Outdoor Products For 2020

The weather is heating up and your customers will be spending more time than ever at home out on the porch this year. Make sure you’re carrying the summer outdoor products they’ll love this year. From laid-back Adirondack furniture to high-end coolers and grills, we have everything you need to offer your customers the perfect summer afternoon at home.

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Outdoor Trends for the New Year

The top outdoor trends for 2020 focus on ways to comfortably enjoy being out in nature. Consumers looking to furnish ceiling-less rooms want convenience and durability paired with respect for the environment more than ever before. Product designs for the new year are all about sustainability and ease. Furniture made responsibly in earth tones, outdoor appliances that use natural fuel and eliminate treks to the indoor kitchen, and smart-home connectivity all are in top demand for outdoor living.

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Perfect Outdoor Living & Grilling Pairs: Crawford Products That Are Made To Go Together

Crawford Outdoor is proud to offer only the top-of-the-line products to our dealers to supply your stores. We know your customers deserve the best in the industry! These pairs go hand-in-hand and your customers will especially love using these Crawford Outdoor products.

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Five Outdoor Essentials to Create the Perfect Patio

During the summer season, customers are planning and shopping for outdoor furniture and other essentials to create a unique patio retreat to enjoy. The backyard gets a lot of use during this time of the year and is a popular spot for summer barbecues, pool parties, and making spontaneous memories. No matter the shape or size of the patio, picking out quality products is key to creating the perfect patio. Check out the top summer backyard products your customers will love.

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Spring Products Your Store Needs

Although the weather is still wintery, it’s time to start thinking about which exciting spring products to bring into your stores. From Traeger to Drip EZ to our newest line of Kanyon Living, here are a few ideas for spring products that will be like a breath of fresh spring air for your sales teams!

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