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Why Use Traeger Wood Pellets


We’re just gonna say it… Cooking with wood tastes better than cooking with charcoal or propane - Traeger Grills stands behind that fact! On top of enhancing flavor of your food - with wood pellets you can grill, bake, roast, smoke, bbq, and braise. Traeger’s versatility allows for users to cook low and slow or hot and fast. Their number one differentiator is that their wood pellets are always consistent. Cook with confidence knowing that you can replicate your favorite recipe every time. Read more to learn about why Traeger Wood Pellets create the best taste.

Quality and Consistency

Traeger is the only grill manufacturer that can guarantee quality and consistency of the fuel source. They own 100% of pellet mills that are produced for their grills. They’ve been working with the same pellet mills for over 20 years and their four mills are located in the USA for the best quality control. Using Traeger Wood Pellets allows consistent cooking every time. All you have to do is choose your wood, fill the hopper, and turn the knob!


Ask any barbecue guru - wood pellets taste the best in comparison to charcoal or propane. Traeger has 11 different flavors of hardwood pellets. Ranging from maple, apple, mesquite, cherry and more - each pellet enhances the taste of your food. Learn more about their other flavors here!


Traeger Grills genuinely cares about the environment. They don’t harvest a single tree for their pellets.

Instead, they only use reclaimed hardwood from freshly cut timber that meets industry-leading standards. Traeger prides themselves on using the sawdust from clean green hardwood that would typically go to waste - they transform this into their pellets.

Traeger Grills have mastered wood-fire cooking and work everyday to offer sustainable, tasty, and quality products to all of its customers. Their premier focus is proving that using hardwood pellets are exceptionally better than charcoal and gas - you can taste it. Learn more about Traeger Grills on our Traeger partner page.

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