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Your retail location may not specialize in selling grills, but with Traeger you will soon be an essential stop for every grill master. Traeger Wood Pellet Grills are the most popular items from the nation’s fastest-growing grill company, plus they are safe, convenient, and easy to clean.

After buying a Traeger grill from your store, customers will be continually coming back to restock from the wide variety of wood pellets. From alder and cherry, to maple and oak, Traeger wood pellets offer incredible versatility when it comes to grilling new meals. With the ability to mix-and-match pellets to unlock new flavors, the Traeger grill’s smoking and baking capabilities allow owners to craft an endless variety of dishes.

As your customers will quickly discover, food off a Traeger grill just tastes better. The bland flavors produced by charcoal and propane just can’t compare to the bold taste drawn from all-natural wood pellets.

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Retail Stores