Dealer Testimonials

At Crawford Outdoor, we not only provide quality products and top-notch service, we work with dealers to grow their business.

“We like working with Crawford Outdoor because of their commitment to high quality products and people. They go above and beyond with service after the sale. They know how important the sales experience is with the consumer and passionate about helping them.”

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Dennis Spooner

Auto Parts • Specialty Sales

Our company (Agri Systems of Cape & Jackson) partnered with Crawford Outdoor in 2011. I say “partner” because that is how they treat us. There are many things we value about Crawford Outdoors but what tops the list for us is communication and the willingness to help. Communication is top notch with them and even though Crawford Outdoors product line is not remotely close to what we sell and do day-to-day, they still help us without question. That speaks volumes because it is so rare to find a company with those values these days.

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Lydia Mockler

Agri Systems of Cape and Jackson • Jackson, MO

What I like about doing business with Crawford Outdoor is how expedient they are at processing and shipping your order. I get fast service everytime. I also like the fact that they have up'd their game by becoming Crawford Outdoor and expanding the product line beyond Traeger products. The more selection of outdoor items I can offer, the more it helps my Traeger sales.

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Earl Stuekerjuergen

Tri State Outdoor Products LLC • West Point, IA

Woodard Mercantile has been a Traeger Dealer for 8 years. We consider Crawford one of our top vendors. We hold our representative, Frank, in high regards as he has supported us with on-site live demonstrations. The warehouse staff is always helpful in processing orders as well as assisting with warranty work. Support we receive through Frank and the warehouse staff is outstanding.

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Leslye Woodard

Woodard Mercantile • Maize KS

We have been with Crawford Outdoors for a number of years now, they have been a great resource and have definitely contributed to the success that we have seen as a business. Their staff is well trained and always willing to go the extra mile. We hope to continue with this partnership for many years to come!

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Michael Hawley

Scheels Home and Hardware • Fargo, ND

The service from Crawford has been great.  From Jonathan now and Brett before him, we have been well taken care of.  They have always been attentive to our needs  and have helped us get what we needed.  Both have attended our big events here at the store and helped us line out things on our own.  They have kept us up-to-date on our displays and informed on the seemingly constant stream of new models.  They have had to persuade me a couple of times to try the newest grills when I thought we had enough models.  It has worked out that they knew more than I did.  The biggest thing they taught my guys is to give “samples” and a plug for the grills when we cook here and not spend all the time just handing out food.  Smaller bites and more info has served us well in selling the grills.

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Bruce Burenheide

Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply • Emporia, KS

We have been partners with Crawford since 2012 and have been consistently blown away by the level of service they provide. Whether it is appearing at an event, replacing a part, or personally calling a customer to resolve an issue, the word "no" is not in their vocabulary. The trust we have in their representatives makes our jobs a lot easier and our customers a lot happier. We can always count on them to pick up the phone when we are in need.

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Amber Dent

Cimarron Lumber & Supply • Kansas City, MO

 Scott Crawford started out at the bottom.  He understands what it is like to be an independent dealer.  He hasn't forgotten the challenges of dealing directly with consumers and the way he runs Crawford Outdoor reflects that.

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Stephen “Ruff” Ruffati

Ruff’s Barbeque Shoppe • Golden, CO

We are a dealer with 3 locations in Denver, Colorado. We have been very happy with the help and support that Crawford has provided us. Crawford usually has all the supplies and components we need, in stock, if the dont’ have the item they will always order it for us in a timely manner. Jim and Anthony are very easy to order through and work with.

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Lesley Short

Lehrer Fireplace and Patio • Highlands Ranch, CO

We got started with Traeger grills in 2009 with a promotion to tie into our annual produce sale. We had an authorized dealer come out and do a demo for us the day of the produce sale.  We never did intend on becoming a dealer or much less buying one. There was a lot of interest in the grills and we were impressed by them so we ended up purchasing a Traeger that day. We were very excited about how easy the grill was to operate and the taste of the food so we looked into becoming a dealer.

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Dean & Kim Schrage

Dean's Market • Maize KS

From the training of our employees, readiness to help with promotions and demos, and the availability and knowledge to answer any question, Crawford is a major factor in building  of our Traeger business.

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Jeff Goodman

Campbell Supply Co. • Sioux Falls, SD

Almost every product we carry in our BBQ store we got from Crawford Outdoor.  Their ever expanding line of BBQ and patio products have been more than enough to keep our store full with products that fly off the shelves.  One of their greatest attributes has to be their knowledge of the products they sell.  They've got the answers to almost any question you might have.

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Billy Eldridge

 Eldridge Fencing • Great Bend, KS

I have been a Traeger Dealer for now over 13 years and have been buying from Crawford Outdoor since the beginning.  The Traeger line as well as some of the other product lines that Crawford represents has become a very big part of our retail business, and continues to grow each and every year.  This however would not be possible if it wasn’t for the support that I receive from Crawford Outdoor.   I deal with several other companies that I represent product for and I can assure you that no other company comes close to comparing with the level of service, and assistance that Crawford provides.

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Don Bloes

B&B Farm Store Inc., Jesup Iowa