Dealer Testimonials

At Crawford Outdoor, we not only provide quality products and top-notch service, we work with dealers to grow their business.

Bruce Burenheide

Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply • Emporia, KS

The service from Crawford has been great.  From Jonathan now and Brett before him, we have been well taken care of.  They have always been attentive to our needs  and have helped us get what we needed.  Both have attended our big events here at the store and helped us line out things on our own.  They have kept us up-to-date on our displays and informed on the seemingly constant stream of new models.  They have had to persuade me a couple of times to try the newest grills when I thought we had enough models.  It has worked out that they knew more than I did.  The biggest thing they taught my guys is to give “samples” and a plug for the grills when we cook here and not spend all the time just handing out food.  Smaller bites and more info has served us well in selling the grills.

The other support people at Crawford have been a big help as well.  Courtney will whip up an ad with little notice and she keeps me up to date on different advertising ideas.  I have dealt with Jessica at Hays several times and she has always sorted through my problems and kept things coming our way.

Thanks for the great service!

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