Dealer Testimonials

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Dean & Kim Schrage

Dean's Market • Maize KS

We got started with Traeger grills in 2009 with a promotion to tie into our annual produce sale. We had an authorized dealer come out and do a demo for us the day of the produce sale.  We never did intend on becoming a dealer or much less buying one. There was a lot of interest in the grills and we were impressed by them so we ended up purchasing a Traeger that day. We were very excited about how easy the grill was to operate and the taste of the food so we looked into becoming a dealer.

We started out by cooking Pork Butts out in front of our store for ourselves.  The aroma of the cooked pork spread up and down Main street and brought people into the store to see what we were doing.  Giving little SAMPLES to everyone was HUGE.  Customers would ask if they would be able to cook and make food taste that good if they bought a grill.  A great selling point was they do not flare up.   Having them out in front of the store was a good selling point with the traffic going by and we are a town of only 700 people.

We buy roughly $50K worth of Traeger grills, pellets and accessories each year. Kim and I started selling the cooked Pork and Beef in vacuum sealed packages in our fresh meat case.  Soon after we added Baby Back Ribs, Brisket and Pork Loins.   Now we do bigger packages to fit in 18-quart roasters to accommodate weddings, graduations, reunions and parties of all sorts.   We do not go out and cater the food, they come to us and pick the product up which increases sales of buns, plates, cups, utensils, salads, etc. So between selling grills, pellets, accessories and our cooked Traeger meat products we have added $80K to $100K to our bottom line each year.

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