Dealer Testimonials

At Crawford Outdoor, we not only provide quality products and top-notch service, we work with dealers to grow their business.

Lesley Short

Lehrer Fireplace and Patio • Highlands Ranch, CO

We are a dealer with 3 locations in Denver, Colorado. We have been very happy with the help and support that Crawford has provided us. Crawford usually has all the supplies and components we need, in stock, if the dont’ have the item they will always order it for us in a timely manner. Jim and Anthony are very easy to order through and work with.

We are also very happy with the support we get from our sales rep. Anthony. He has been very friendly and easy to work with.  He has, on many occasions, helped us troubleshoot problems for our customer. He is very good at training us on how to sell, troubleshoot and fix the grills. We have done several in-store demonstrations with him that are always a lot of fun and assist us in selling more products.

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