Dealer Testimonials

At Crawford Outdoor, we not only provide quality products and top-notch service, we work with dealers to grow their business.

Stephen “Ruff” Ruffati

Ruff’s Barbeque Shoppe • Golden, CO

 Scott Crawford started out at the bottom.  He understands what it is like to be an independent dealer.  He hasn't forgotten the challenges of dealing directly with consumers and the way he runs Crawford Outdoor reflects that.

I've worked with over 50 distributors.  Crawford is by far one of the best distributors I've ever worked with.

What I love about their products:

  •       Local warehouse       
  •       Small quantities
  •       Minimal out-of-stocks
  •       Variety of products providing opportunities for add-on sales

What I love about their Service:

  •      Accessible people from Scott to service to administration & everyone in between
  •      True "What can we do to make your business better" attitude.
  •      Excellent warehouse help.  Orders filled correctly & in a timely manner.
  •       Excellent dealer rep.  Ready & willing to formulate & implement creative marketing programs

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